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Poster: LAJ Date: Feb 8, 2006 7:27pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: NOISE: Beyond Russolo

In his 1913 manifesto The Art of Noise, Luigi Russolo had some bold futuristic thoughts about the role of noise in musical composition:

Noise accompanies every manifestation of life. Noise is familiar to us. Noise has the power to bring us back to life.

We must break at all costs from this restrictive circle of pure sounds and conquer the infinite variety of noise-sounds.

We must replace the limited variety of timbres and orchestral instruments by the infinite variety of timbres of noises obtained through special mechanisms.

I doubt if even Russolo himself could have envisioned the endless variety of electronic noise-sounds that are now possible in modern music.

In only a few of the following selections is noise the focal point and they speak for themselves. In most selections, however, the element of noise is more of a background theme rather than the center of attention. Here the noise-sounds are woven into the fabric of the music in such a way as to add interesting textures of sound ranging from delicate to robust and, thereby, giving the music a highly emotional quality. Modern electronic music has definitely went beyond Russolo. Russolo would be proud.

PLAYLIST [M3U attachment follows]:

1 - 2. Bubblegone - Somewhere Between Summer and Winter [Kikapu] || Letters from Home + Sometimes I Lay in Fields at Night

3. sgnl_fltr - Atrum [Stadtgruem] || Polar (remix)

4. The Jack Bohlen Book Club - 1979 [Experimedia] || Copenhagen

5. V/A - Music for Elevators Vol.1 [Mahorka] || Res - 5th Floor

6. Coeval - Dstante [Minusn] || De FrigorúƒIcos y Corales

7. Ambient Field - Five Jules Verne Heroes [Nishi] || Philéas Fogg

8. V/A - Music for Elevators Vol. 2 [Mahorka] || Bosto - September Eleven

9 - 10. Zelada - Displacements [Filament Recordings] || Introspection of + Is Tripicting

11. Reso - Small Music [Test Tube] || Green Lamp

11. Deluge - Departure In Affection and New Noise [Thinner] || After the Flood

12. Brian Grainger - The Ambient Tapes [Rain] || September 15th Tape

13. KRUFT! - A Brief History Of Dentistry [Infinite Sector] || A Numbed Lip

14. Idle Sunder - Aether [Entity] || Digitarian Solstice

15. Direwires & Freder - Sleeping Near Highways [Robotopera] || Imaginary Romance for an Interrupted Dream

16. V/A - Bias [Luumu] || Violet - Priznak Svobodi

17. Roto Visage - Der Golem [Kikapu] || The Lie

18. Nikita Golyshev (CD-R) feat. Re:mote - Giallo Permanente Skuro [Electrosound] || Yellow and Red (outro)

19. Alla Zagaykevych - To Escape, To Breathe, To Keep Silence [Nexsound] || To Breathe

20. Yannis Kyriakides - Highly Coloured Places [Entity] || Cairo Cable

22. Mark Allan - T.A.F. Series One EP [Conv] || Anonical-Trahed

23. Normal Music - Brev [Zeromoon] || Porto

24. Eric Bollman - s/t [Conv] || Track 06

25. Wouter Van Veldhoven - Muziek oorspronkelijk bedoeld voor twee piano's [Camomille] || Track 04 (D)

26. Porousher - Texture [2063music] || (excerpt)

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